We are a Full Service Studio specialized in servicing major Visual Effects partners across the world


We offer a client-exclusive delivery unit crafted to meet your process and quality requirements.


We have been successfully audited and approved by multiple major production studios and our security exceeds MPAA norms.


We offer a variety of services with the capability to customize our processes to meet your production needs.

The Team

We possess a team of industrious creative minds that will work passionately towards your goals.

What our customers say!

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General Manager
General ManagerIndustry Leading Conversion Studio
“PixStone is absolutely the BEST partner serving our pre-comp requirements today. Working with you is like working with a top-notch US Studio – except you are Indian”.
Executive Producer
Executive ProducerMajor Post Production Studio, Burbank
“PixStone team … From the communication of production and workflow to the increased quality and quantity of frames I have seen coming from your team, I cannot say enough about what you have accomplished as a collective unit ”.
 Roto Tracking Supervisor
Roto Tracking SupervisorMajor Studio, Burbank
“This group of artists have absolutely everything under control. They know exactly what they are doing and what we need fromthem and I cannot believe how far they have progressed …”
Vice President, Production
Vice President, ProductionMajor Conversion Studio, Hollywood
“ PixStone team … meeting most of you, shaking your hands, checking out your amazing new facility ….like I was beingintroduced to a team of top notch roto artists”.