About us

About Us

PixStone Images Pvt. Ltd. is based out of Chennai in sunny Southern India.

Established in 2012, PixStone started by delivering prep-comp services.  Over the last 6 years, PixStone has evolved into a full services VFX studio actively servicing leading VFX studios across the world.

PixStone has developed a global clientele of major studios who truly value its ability for a high quality, on time, on budget delivery. Importantly, PixStone delivers its output at an efficiency level, scale and seamless delivery model, unseen among its peers; making it the number one partner for most of its major clientele. In that time, PixStone has also successfully delivered over 60 major motion picture projects along with a few commercials, TV shows and even a handful of music videos. All completed on time and on budget.

200+ talented artists, management of process oriented supervisors and producers, a state of the art 12,000 sq ft. studio, and a fully licensed and secured infrastructure that exceeds MPAA norms are some of what PixStone brings to the table.  PixStone takes pride in being a completely process oriented studio, with strong performance measurement, monitoring and tracking systems for all aspects of production management.

Benefits of partnering with PixStone

  • Your content in safe hands – PixStone’s Secure & Scalable infrastructure is audited and approved by Paramount, Fox, Sony and Disney / Marvel
  • Fast track comprehension – Quick adaptation of the clients show pipeline, project requirements, communication and collaboration processes along with ˜best of breed’ post production delivery processess.
  • India Delivery Studio (IDS) –  A Proprietary delivery model and unique value proposition that offers a dedicated, experienced creative team for every client, perfectly tuned to achieve their standards of production and quality.
  • Truly World-Class VFX service provided by highly experienced team of artists.
  • Opportunity to leverage a great ecosystem that provides continuous supply of highly skilled artists
  • Time Zone Advantages – Job gets done while our clients are closed for the day and wake up to their services being delivered the next morning