About us

PixStone Images Pvt. Ltd. is based out of Chennai in sunny Southern India. Established in 2012, PixStone started by delivering prep-comp services on an offshore, scalable model to major stereoscopic conversion studios for feature films, television shows , VR and commercials. Today, PixStone have moved beyond prep-comp and now cater to the needs of leading VFX studios across the world, actively servicing popular studios in the US, Canada and the UK

Over the last six years, PixStone has developed a global clientele of major studios who truly value its ability for a high quality, on time, on budget delivery. Importantly, PixStone delivers its output at an efficiency level, scale and seamless delivery model, unseen among it’s peers; making it the number one partner for most of its major clientele. In that time, PixStone has also successfully delivered over 60 major motion picture projects along with a few commercials, TV shows and even a handful of music videos. All completed on time and on budget. We took the skills we honed while delivering rigorously on a prep-comp pipeline, and transitioned it seamlessly into handling the varied requirements of the VFX industry.

Pixstone has over 150 talented artists, managed by process oriented supervisors and producers, all housed in a state of the art 12,000 sq ft. studio with a fully licensed and secured infrastructure that exceeds MPAA norms. PixStone takes pride in being a completely process oriented studio, with strong performance measurement, monitoring and tracking systems for all aspects of production management.

A leading benefit that PixStone brings to every client is our ‘fast track comprehension’ of the client’s show pipeline, project requirements, communication and collaboration processes. This enables a simultaneous adaptation and enhancement of the ‘best of breed’ post production delivery processes. All of this value is now packaged in the form of PixStone’s proprietary delivery model and unique value proposition, India Delivery Studio (IDS™) through which we offer a dedicated, experienced creative team for every client, perfectly tuned to achieve their standards of production and quality.

Pixstone offers a truly World-Class VFX service, combined with a ‘Peace of Mind’ for all its studio clients.