India Delivery Studio

India Delivery Studio or IDS™ is a proprietary PixStone delivery model. Through the concept of IDS™ we craft a production team that will be exclusive to you, trained in your pipeline, process and approval criteria. This team will effectively be an extension of your own production team.

Key Features Of IDS™

  • An exclusive team trained to meet all the standards of your pipeline.
  • Dedicated supervisors/producers to manage communication and production scheduling.
  • Dedicated quality control to maintain consistency in production quality.
  • Full Scalability. The team can be scaled up quickly to meet your growing production needs.
  • Consistent communication through daily, weekly and monthly review calls/mails.
  • ‘Constant Sync’ and ‘Transparency’ to deliver an ‘In control’ customer experience.

One of the main benefits of IDS™ is the flexibility it allows us to scale up the size of a team when the your production needs increase. After assimilating the your pipeline and quality standards, we can quickly and effortlessly grow the size of the dedicated team.

This is done by assigning additional talent from within PixStone or even hiring new talent that will be initiated in your pipeline through our rigorous training programs. With the right producers, supervisors and team leaders in place, this process happens in a timely manner and won’t delay production.

Through IDS™, we guarantee you a reliable, customizable and secure offshore delivery experience that you can indisputably rely on.