Infrastructure and Security

In a business where digital data is the most important commodity, we don’t take security lightly. We understand completely how sensitive your data is and treat it with the utmost respect in terms of transfers and storage.

We utilize a secure, high-speed data transfer portal to make sure all data exchanges are fast and reliable. A sophisticated in-house security program is in place with several security policies being used to enforce it. We only use fully licensed tools and our security standards exceed all MPAA norms.

Beyond digital security, our 12,000 SqFt studio space is located in an industrial estate in the heart of the Information Technology corridor in Chennai. There is a 24/7-security presence on-site, in an already very secure area.

If that isn’t enough of a guarantee, then maybe the fact that Major studios such as Paramount, Fox, Sony and Disney/Marvel have audited and approved us will put your mind at ease. Your work is our work, and we will protect it by any means necessary so you can rest easy knowing it is in the safest hands.