We can provide articulate mattes for any complex elements with all the best possible finer details extracted. We can quickly adapt to any proprietary pipeline to facilitate the smoother compositing workflow


Your plates have wires or rigs? markers or crew members? make up fixes or CG reference dummies. You name it, we’ll clean it. We meticulously recreate the complex textures and our final output will leave no traces

Camera Tracking

Worried about your bumpy moves with crazy perspective shifts in an anamorphic plate? Not sure with the camera details and zero Lidar information? Don’t worry, we use the best processes to tackle them efficiently

Object Track and Rotomation

Our artists can efficiently track the rigid elements for any object replacements or enhancements. We possess the best skilled animators to recreate the exact movement of the character to facilitate the CG process

2D Compositing

We can replace your screens with a breathtaking matte paint or an extension of your real scenes to create a photorealistic composited output. We understand the creative requirements and deliver accordingly