From the quick and simple, to the most complex of multi-layered shots, our team of highly experienced roto artists know which combination of techniques and tools will provide the best result to satisfy your creative team requirements while keeping your project on schedule.

Matte Extraction
Through various techniques of Keying, we provide precise mattes that help during the Compositing phase.

Stereo Roto
Our presence in the Stereoscopic conversion industry has allowed us the ability to quickly adapt to any client pipeline.


Our paint team loves a challenge! Removing or separating objects is where this team steps in. Whether it is removing wires, boom mics, prop pieces, or even that crew member that strayed into the shot, if you don’t want it, we make it disappear. It’s kind of magical.

Stereo Paint
Our paint artists craft high quality dynamic clean plates, taking care of any of your stereoscopic needs.


Everybody would like to have lens data, Lidar and motion control, but it is not often available. That’s okay, we have you covered. Our matchmove team extrapolates and provides the data you need to blow your client’s mind.

We also possess the skill to pull off advanced rotomation work, seamlessly capturing the animation of any element within the scene.