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Executive Producer

Hiring Executive Producer for Feature Films, Television, OTT and Advertising is a strategic position that drives financial and creative success. The job requires overseeing revenue generation, strategic planning, and facilitating client and innovative partnerships across diverse business verticals.


  • Strategic Leadership: Spearhead strategic initiatives to drive growth and profitability across feature films, television, OTT, and advertising sectors.
  • Revenue Growth: Implement innovative strategies for revenue generation and business development in alignment with company goals.
  • Client Partnerships: Build and nurture long-term relationships with clients across all sectors, ensuring a collaborative and innovative approach to project development.
  • Creative Collaboration: Work closely with creative teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality VFX content that meets client expectations and industry standards.
    Talent Development: Lead and manage teams, fostering an environment that attracts, develops, and retains top talent in the VFX industry.
  • Market Expertise: Stay abreast of industry trends, market challenges, and opportunities within the feature films, TV, OTT, and advertising sectors, leveraging this knowledge to guide strategic decisions.


  • Proven Experience: Extensive experience in executive production roles, with a strong track record in the VFX industry, particularly in feature films, TV, OTT, and advertising.
  • Strategic Visionary: Exceptional strategic thinking and planning abilities, with a focus on long-term growth and innovation.
  • Leadership Excellence: Demonstrated leadership skills, with the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide teams towards achieving excellence.
  • Industry Insight: Deep understanding of the dynamics and trends within the feature film, television, OTT, and advertising sectors.
  • Relationship Builder: Outstanding ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, creative partners, and internal teams.
  • Results-Driven: A proactive and results-oriented approach, with a commitment to achieving financial success and creative excellence.

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