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Hands merely execute...

We Play hard


PixStone Culturals

PixStone Cricket League

We play out our passion. Equally at the pitch as at the pixels. The teams fight it out to bond. The fun during the season every year is beyond the boundaries. We at PixStone await this season to win the 4 foot tall rolling trophy.

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PixStone Cyclothon

The occasion when green warriors and fitness enthusiasts joined hands. Life begins at the end of our comfort zone - said one o four fitness enthusiast. The early hours of the day presented a refreshing picture of the very same place we come every day.

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Self Defence Training

Self defence through martial arts puts body and mind together. For a change, we got a glimpse of martial arts from the west. We got introduced to Krav Maga. Artists, especially the fairer gender found a good use of the session, participated with enthusiasm.

Join us for Indoor Games, Adventure Sports, Day with 'More Thatha', Push-up Challenge, Group Outings and many more...

We are a family


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PinFrame - Open Forum

This all artist communication event is a confluence of every artist and every item that matters. The space for all to voice their appreciation, comments, difficulties, happiness, observations, thoughts and many more. Here, the soul of the organisation shapes the action.

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PixStone Health Camps

Appreciative of the need for wellness of the physical self, health camps are organised on various themes like eye camps, vital check camps, women focussed health camps etc. Being regular is the mantra of physical well being. The camps are regular too.

Roto artist Jobs in Chennai for freshers

Work Life Balance

Passion drives work. We are conscious that life has got more than work. There are other partners in life too.

We grow together


PixStone Skilled Artists

We invest in Training

We continuously up-skill and multi-skill artists through planned training. Training continuously pushes upwards the competency level of the artists and therefore the organisation. Initiatives on training are market aligned adding value to the artist as much to the organisation.

PixStone Fastrack Growth

Mentoring for fastrack growth

As individuals are unique, so are their learning needs and styles too. Methodical mentoring and coaching has helped us identify and nurture many leaders from with in the organisation. At senior levels, the leaders get to work with external mentors on their development.

PixStone Career Opportunities

Cross functional opportunities

Opportunities with in our organisation is plentiful and boundary less. Passionate artists make the best use of such opportunities to work on various career tracks both in technical and business aspects. They are better equipped to become senior leaders soon.

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