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Independent FILM VFX Bundle

Access Quality VFX across all budgets

Our latest bundle aims to elevate Up-and-coming Film Productions and help the creators bring their visionary dream to life.

Benefits: Your Films gains the High quality VFX from the one of the studios credited on Avatar & Black Panther.

Above this our bundle is planned to help with budget constraints and you will gain our VFX Services as low as 7.5K $

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  • 50 Shots


  • 100 Shots


  • 125+ Shots


• Muzzle Flash & Gun Smoke
• Blood Splatter
• Set Extensions
• Matte Extraction
• Green/Blue Screen Comps
• De-Aging/Beauty VFX
• Crowd multiplication
• Weather VFX
• Fire, Explosions & Pyrotechnics
• Dust & Particles
• Previsualization


Combining Technical Mastery, Artistic Brilliance, and Seamless Coordination

PixStone Images is a VFX Studio with 13 years of experience in the industry and in this time we’ve worked on some amazing projects spamnning from Avatae & Black Panther and a whole lot more.. We have 300 Artists spread across 3 Studios in India films.


Our Bundle aims to blend our VFX Proficiency with your stunning productions. 

We can’t wait to build something amazing together!


Contact Info:

Bryan Daniel 

Marketing Head / Producer 

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